MTB Experience in the Netherlands

If you have a lot of passion for something, it will come to you, I believe in that. When the organisation asked me to become the central point of contact for retailers in the Netherlands, I was enthusiastic about it right away. Upon invitation, I rode the 10-day SA MTB Experience, and it was clear as day: this is what I love! I’m a passionate mountain biker and there is nothing more exciting than being part of a new adventure and developing a Mountain Bike event on the Western Cape in South Africa.


Marcel Bosgra – South Africa MTB Experience / Dutch representative


MTB Experience in South Africa

When I moved to South Africa and rode the first MTB trails here, I immediately knew: I want to share this with my mountain bike friends in the Netherlands and with everyone who is a passionate mountain biker. I was used to quite a lot, but this is beyond words. The trails you can ride here and their diversity are incredible. South Africa is a country of contrasts and breathtaking nature. You really have to see and experience it for yourself.

Rob Last – initiator South African MTB Experience

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