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As outdoor activity enthusiasts, originally from the Netherlands, we started in 2017 with developing YEBO boutique guesthouse. We are into hiking, windsurfing and in South Africa especially with focus on mountain biking. All just for fun, no stress, just enjoy what you love to do. No competition. We call it social sports. In the past few years we gained a lot of local knowledge and this is exactly what we want to share with you when you book your MTB holidays with us. We have a lot to offer!

What we offer

Unforgettable Holidays where Mountain biking plays a major role. Social riding or physical riding, It is all possible. We have three options for you:

If you are the more adventures type and you do have time to organize things yourself we can support you with contacts and tips. You bring your bike, organize transportation to and from the trails yourself and you ride on your own.

You join one of our 10 days SA MTB Experience weeks. Bring your own bike, rent one through us, we organize transport, tour guide and full program. Book your MTB Holidays with an established specialist in your own country who organizes everything for you from A to Z.

We propose to contact us and lets find out together what suits you the best.

MTB trails

The western cape is a true MTB single trail paradise. We are situated in what we call the sweet spot for mountain bikers. Spectacular rides with stunning mountain and ocean views! Mountain biking in South Africa is different compared to Europe. Many trails are situated on beautiful wine estates and in nature reserves. To support conservancy and maintenance you buy a day permit for little money. We listed 15+ beautiful trails suitable for social and physical rides.

Our partners

Our partners are carefully chosen companies. They all focus on a personal touch, friendly and customer driven. At the moment we are still looking for Mountain bike travel organisations in Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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YEBO stay!

The feel good experience

YEBO Boutique Guesthouse is a 4 star accommodation with special facilities for mountain bikers. We do have a bike workshop for maintenance and secure storage. A patio with outdoor bar, braai and pizza oven for the evenings. Of course you can also go to one of the many quality restaurants nearby. Our aim is to offer you the Feel good experience!

Contact us for information and direct bookings.


Bikers weeks 2022

Book your MTB holiday with us:

You can book your MTB Holiday with us anytime you wish between October 2022 till May 2023 and from October 2023 till May 2024. If you are an adventures biker we can assist you with all information necessary to ride and enjoy our magnificent trails on your own or with a guide.

Another option is to join one of our bikers weeks. There will be a 10 days program in place, everything is organized. The entire Guesthouse will be reserved for mountain bikers only. You will ride 8 days the most fantastic MTB trails on the Western Cape with one or two of our local guides depending on group size. Bikers weeks includes airport shuttle service and transportation to and from the MTB trails.

Biker Weeks:


Arrival Friday 4th of November

Departure Saturday 13th of November


Arrival Friday 24th of March

Departure Saturday 1th of April

Feel free to contact us via Whatsapp or e-mail with your questions.